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Old Post Lane Cemetery

Old Post Lane Cemetery

Feb 1884 
Put before Queen Victoria in Council an act for a new Burial Ground for Colsterworth

Apr 1884 
Act signed allowing for a new Burial Ground to come into effect after 3 August 1884

Jan 1885
Home Office agrees position and layout of Cemetery

May 1885 
Conveyance of Land to Colsterworth Burial Board from Browne’ Hospital

Oct 1919 
Application to Ministry of Health for an extension to cemetery

Jan 1920 
Order of Charity Commissioners

Mar 1920
Approval of Ministry of Health for extension

Apr 1920 
Conveyance of Land to Colsterworth Parish Council from Browne’ Hospital
for cemetery extension.

Oct 2008 
Parish Council decide to investigate the possibility of a further extension to the cemetery

Apr 2010
Planning Permission applied for new extension

June 2010
Planning Permission granted for new extension

Oct 2011
Post and rail fencing erected around the new extension boundary

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