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All written contact written with the Parish council members should be via The Clerk to the Parish Council (see below)

Chairperson, Caroline Hainsworth (Highways & Footpaths Working Party & F&A Committee)

Vice Chairperson,  Mark Ramage

Graham Henton

Colin Russell (Environment & Amenities Working Party)

Mark Ramage (Environment & Amenities Working Party)

Anna Bouvie    

Jon Clark (Finance & Administration Committee)  

Lorna McShane (Finance & Administration Committee)

Lucienne Bennett

Derek Cox  

Roy Brocklebank

James Skelton (Finance & Administration Committee)

Sue Mortimer (Environment and Amenities Working Party)

Clerk to the Parish Council, Sue Grant


Tel: 01476 861888

County Councillor Bob Adams

District Councillor David Bellamy

Members of the Parish Council