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A full copy of the Submitted Plan can be downloaded to your device in a Portable Document Format (pdf format) by clicking on the button below. You will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your device in order to be able to read it. If your device doesn't already have it downloaded Adobe Reader is free and can be downloaded by clicking or tapping on the Adobe icon at the foot of the page and following the instructions from then on. Download Adobe Reader before you download the Submitted Plan if you haven't already got it on your device.

The Submitted Plan document is 99 pages and 6.4mb. It may take a few seconds to download depending on your internet connection speed. Once you have downloaded the plan you will find that the contents is on page 2. You can skip to a specific chapter by clicking or tapping on an index line on the contents page.

Alternatively, within Adobe Reader if you click the bookmark icon at the extreme left hand side of your screen, a drop down will appear with all the chapters and appendices. You can select where to go from any page in the document from the drop down by clicking/tapping on it.

If you right click with your mouse anywhere within the document you can save it to your device by selecting “save as”.

Bear in mind the plan has been submitted to SKDC. However it must still be reviewed by an independent examiner. Based on the independent examiner’s comments changes may be necessary before the Referendum Stage.

Download The Submitted Plan

Red kite near Stainby

St John the Baptist Colsterworth

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