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Responsibilities of the Parish Council

Council Meetings

The Parish Council meets on the first Tuesday of every month except in January and August when there are no meetings. Before the meeting a public forum is held at which members of the public may speak. An Annual Parish Meeting is held usually in April at which the Council reports to the electorate and then answers their questions. Notice of meetings and agendas are posted on notice boards and Minutes will also appear on this website.

Village Maintenance

The Parish Council has the responsibility for parts of the villages' maintenance, such as grass cutting, repairing road name signs, repairing notice boards and also bus shelters in the villages. The trees and grass of the closed Graveyard of the Church are also maintained. Structures in this cemetery are the responsibility of the District Council.


There are allotments at Stamford Road and Woolsthorpe Road. The rents are currently £30 a year for a full allotment and £15 a year for a half allotment.

Play Areas

The Council maintains the Play Areas at Colster Way, Woolsthorpe Road and by North Witham village hall; this not only includes repairs caused by general wear and tear but also the mending damage done by deliberate vandalism. By painting the play equipment using our own labour we make financial savings.

We have to do regular compulsory safety inspections and also pay for major inspections under Health & Safety rules.

The Parish Council is investigating the provision of more recreational amenities and facilities for all ages as soon as we can.

Old Post Lane Cemetery

The management of the Old Post Lane cemetery includes the provision of burial plots, the keeping of up to date burial records and plans, as well as its maintenance.


The Parish Council is consulted by the District Council, County Council and the Police Authority on many issues. Parish Councillors spend many hours each month on reading reports and other correspondence.

Both the County Council and the District Council are signatories to the 'Councils Charter' in which they have agreed to 'listen to and consult with' Parish Councils. Our County Councillor (Colsterworth Rural) and the District Councillor for the Isaac Newton Ward are regular attendees at Parish Council meetings.

North Witham is in Morkery Ward and is represented by a different District Councillor although we all share the same County Councillor.


The Council has the authority to raise a precept to finance its expenditure. The Council has the responsibility of ensuring that the finances are in good order and value for money is obtained when purchasing services and goods.

Traffic and Highways

The Parish Council has regular contact with LCC Highways. There are ongoing discussions with LCC Highways on resolving the parking and speeding problems in consultation with the Police.

Policing and Crime Prevention

The Council is active in working with the Police in reducing and preventing crime in the villages. The Police are routinely invited to Parish Council meetings

Street lighting

The Parish Council reports faulty streetlights that should be fixed by the    contractor within 10 days.

Clearing Litter

A Litter-picker is employed to keep the villages tidy. The District Council is responsible for the provision and emptying of litterbins. The District Council will not provide ‘doggie’ bins.


The Council is a statutory consultee in planning but has no decision-making powers.

Parish Plan

The implementation of the Parish Plan is a high priority.


The parishioners are kept informed by the Parish Notice Boards, ‘In Touch’ the parish magazine, and by this website.

Youth Council

The Parish Council is in the process of instituting a Youth Council that would be given some decision making powers and a budget.

Footpaths and Rights of Way

The Council is active in having footpaths and rights of way kept open and clear.


Grants may be given for local bodies but are proportionate to the number of people who would benefit.


The Council will consider the provision of seat that would benefit parishioners and not cause a nuisance to residents.

War Memorial

The Council has it restored and the War Memorial will continue to be maintained in good condition.

Nature & Wildlife

The Council is active in supporting biodiversity projects in the Parish.

Register of Members’ Interests

The Register of Councillors’ Interests can be viewed by contacting the Parish Clerk.

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